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Veggie Kabobs.

January 20, 2011 by Carolina

When my mom decided to have a BBQ for her birthday celebration I knew I was in trouble. BBQs are typically all about the meat & I’m the only vegetarian in my family. We decided to grill kabobs, which was perfect, because it gave me a great option — veggie kabobs! I replaced the meat with portabello mushrooms & marinaded all the veggies in a delicious concoction. A great success.


1 Cup Soy Sauce

1/2 Cup Honey

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

1 Garlic, minced

Salt & Pepper

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

4 Roma Tomatoes

1 Medium Red Onion

4 Medium Portabello Mushrooms

Skewer sticks, soaked (in water, prevents burning)

NOTE: I love this marinade so I decided to make extra, if you are just using it for the kabobs, use half of the measurements. Wisk all ingredients together & marinade your vegetables for at least 15 minutes before grilling.

Grill at high heat for 5 minutes, flipping to cook both sides & you’re done. Here’s to surviving BBQs as a vegetarian & loving it. Buen provecho!


Carolina is a marketing professional living in Orlando, Florida. Originally from Colombia, Carolina loves experimenting with different spices in the kitchen. When she's not cooking she loves to run, practice yoga and spend time with her dog Rocco. Carolina is passionate about travel and always has her suitcase packed and ready to go!

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