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Tips for Freezing Fruit.

August 6, 2012 by Katie

It’s Farmer’s Market season and we’ve been stocking up on berries this summer. I love having frozen berries on hand for baking, ice cream and smoothies. When I first thought about freezing the extra fresh berries I’ve been buying, I just assumed I could put them in a bag and throw them in a freezer.

Instead, I found that it works much better if I flash freeze them first. This way, they freeze individually and I can grab a handful without having to defrost the entire bag if they’ve stuck together.

So, I just lay out the berries on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Once they’ve frozen, I move them to a freezer bag. This works great for raspberries, strawberries (I cut mine into smaller pieces first) and other berries.

Here are some great resources for freezing fruits and veggies:

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Do you freeze fruit or vegetables to use later? Any tricks to share?

image credit: La Grande Farmers’ Market


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