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Cinnamon Pumpkin Torte.

November 29, 2010 by Carolina

Just because “Fall” (lets face it, us Floridians don’t experience Fall) & Thanksgiving have come & gone doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy pumpkin & all its goodness. Do you still have some cans of pumpkin pie mix in the cupboard? Get those babies out & put them to good use by making this delicious Cinnamon Pumpkin Torte! My mom’s a diabetic & my awesome brother made us this sugar-free torte — figure friendly & amazing!

Crust Ingredients

1 Package Low-Fat Yellow Cake Mix

1/4 Cup Low-Fat Margarine, melted

1 Egg, slightly beaten

Preheat oven to 350F. Get the cake mix & set aside 1 cup for later use. Mix the remaining cake mix in a bowl with the margarine & egg until all ingredients are combined. Press dough onto a greashed baking pan to form the crust & set aside. Lets make the filler.

Torte Ingredients

1 Can Pumpkin Pie Mix (with spices already added; 30 oz)

2 Eggs, beaten

2/3 Cup Evaporated Skim Milk

2 TBSP Splenda or Sugar Substitute 

1 TSP Cinnamon

In a mixing bowl, combine pumpkin pie mix, eggs, & evaporated milk. Pour pumpkin mixture over prepared crust.

In another bowl, mix the reserved cake mix, splenda & cinammon; sprinkle over pumpkin mixture.

Bake torte for 40 – 45 minutes & let cool. Serve with whipped cream & buen provecho!


Carolina is a marketing professional living in Orlando, Florida. Originally from Colombia, Carolina loves experimenting with different spices in the kitchen. When she's not cooking she loves to run, practice yoga and spend time with her dog Rocco. Carolina is passionate about travel and always has her suitcase packed and ready to go!

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