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Mexican Couscous.

October 5, 2011 by Carolina

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: I love couscous. It takes minutes to make & its filling, satisfying…what’s not to love right? Just when I thought I couldn’t love couscous more I created something in the kitchen that made my taste buds jump for joy. You know that girl that gets super excited when she has great food? That’s me — I get so excited I can’t hold it in. It shows in my face, I sometimes make noises & I delight in every bite. Oh food, you’re so wonderful. Oh Mexican Couscous we will meet again!

Ingredients (MakesĀ 6 sideĀ servings)

1 Box Garlic Couscous (you can use plain too but the garlic puts it over the top)

1 Can Black Beans, drained

1 Small Cucumber, chopped

1 Small Tomato, chopped

1/4 Cup Chives, chopped

1/4 Cup Cilantro, chopped

1 Hass Avocado, chopped (save a couple of slices for garnish)

1 Lime, zested & juiced

1/4 TSP Cumin

1/4 TSP Pepper

1/4 TSP Salt

Tabasco sauce, to taste

Cook couscous according to package instructions & fluff with a fork. Add the tomato, cucumber, chives, avocado, black beans & seasonings & mix well. This couscous is great both hot or cold, it’s up to you. Serve with a few dashes of Tabasco sauce & avocado slices & enjoy. Buen provecho!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy couscous?


Carolina is a marketing professional living in Orlando, Florida. Originally from Colombia, Carolina loves experimenting with different spices in the kitchen. When she's not cooking she loves to run, practice yoga and spend time with her dog Rocco. Carolina is passionate about travel and always has her suitcase packed and ready to go!

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