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What’s in the food at your favorite restaurants?

August 23, 2012 by Katie

I’m really inspired by Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food and how she has made an effort to feed her family non-processed food. One of my new favorite contributors on her blog is Food Babe Investigates.

I really try to avoid processed food and try to go to restaurants where I can whole food with out all of the crazy stuff that shows up in many chain restaurants. Food Babe investigates popular restaurants and where their food comes from. She’s done articles on Subway, Chik-fil-a, Chipotle vs. Moes and Starbucks. If you ever go to any of these restaurants, I encourage you to check out the posts.

Based on her findings, I’m probably not going to stop going to Starbucks or Chipotle–but definitely less than I have in the past. Because Starbuck’s coffee isn’t organic, I think I’ll make an effort to find local coffee shops that are. Living in Boston, there are plenty of options–I’d prefer to support companies that aren’t quite as deceptive. It is crazy that it takes so much effort to find out what is really in our food.

The comments on the posts are really interesting (and a bit maddening!)–if you have a few minutes, browse through those as well.

Do you think about where your food comes from when you eat out? Are there any restaurants you’ve found to be transparent about their ingredients? 



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