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Path for Peace Baskets.

July 24, 2012 by Katie

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Many of you probably know how I moved from South Africa to the United States earlier this year. During the four years I spent living in South Africa, I developed a passion for women and children.

When I heard about the Macy’s Path for Peace program, I was immediately excited. The project empowers Rwandan women through weaving–helping them provide for their families.

We spent Thanksgiving last year in Rwanda, and it was a memorable one for sure (here are some of our favorite photos). After the genocide, 70% of the Rwandan population was women. Groups of women started weaving as a way of rebuilding their communities.

In 2005, Macy’s started selling some of these baskets in their Path to Peace collection. Today, the project employs more than 2,500 woman. It provides women with an opportunity to take an active role shaping their future.

Macy’s sent me a basket last week and I’m loving it!

These baskets are not only beautiful, but they are also helping to empower women in Rwanda. Double win! I absolutely love how the baskets are displayed above this fire place–I’m definitely am adding some more to my wish list.

For more information about the Path to Peace program–check out the Macy’s website. The baskets are currently on sale. Which one is your favorite?!


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