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I Love Coffee Festival, Cape Town, SA.

August 18, 2011 by Katie

Everyone loves a good farmer’s market, right? Combined with coffee? Bliss. We really enjoyed the I Love Coffee Festival a couple of weeks ago.

Oh and about our one-week anniversary celebration…well it’s turning into a two-week celebration! This weekend we’ll be posting the link to our first ever ebook! We’re super excited.

The Old Biscuit Millin Cape Town can feel a little hipster for my liking. I always leave thinking, “I’m totally not cool enough to hang out here”. But, I’ll do crazy things for coffee!



They had a bunch of vendors and you could sample their coffee. All was tasty–we import our Starbucks, so I’m always on the look out for an alternative.

There are TONS of things I love about South Africa. But, here’s one thing that I struggle with–the coffee is (generally) horrible. I’m sure if I would have grown up drinking instant coffee, I would be better able to adapt, but it’s shocking to me that people like it.

And, really, how cute is my hubs?

Be sure to check back this weekend for the ebook!



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