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Addis Red Sea: Boston, MA.

August 21, 2012 by Katie

We went to Addis Red Sea last week in Boston. I was really looking forward to it because we had a Groupon and I love Ethiopian food. Overall, it was okay, but I was a little disappointed.

In terms of food, Lucy Ethiopian Cafe was definitely better. The decor in Addis Red Sea definitely feels more “Ethiopian”–so that’s a plus. We were also bummed because we showed our Groupon at the beginning of the meal–and they didn’t tell us that anything was excluded. But, some of what we ordered wasn’t included with the Groupon (and it wasn’t listed on the actual Groupon either)–so we ended up actually spending more money that we would have without the Groupon.

We ordered the vegetarian platter for two. The injera was pretty good. I am always amazed at how filling it is! I’m confident I can make some of the vegetarian dishes–I’ve just never attempted injera. But, I’m going to order the teff flour and try it soon–I’ll keep you posted!

Would I go back? Maybe–but just because there aren’t a ton of options for Ethiopian food in Boston.

I haven’t purchased a Groupon in a few years–this experience kind of turned me off. Have you had good experiences with Groupon or similar sites like Living Social?


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